TIL Denmark has only had 3 cases of salmonella poisoning since 2011 due to their industrial hygiene practices. In the US, about 142,000 people are infected with Salmonella each year.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salmonellosis#Industrial_hygiene

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  1. How much more food gets processed in America V Denmark?
    It’s (I’d bet) and order of magnitude larger….
    while any number of deaths from something preventable is regrettable, I’d bet by a percentage while America will be a larger number, it’s probably not that much larger.
    We have more vehicle accidents in America than Denmark because we have more cars.
    We have more people slipping in the bath tub because we have more people in bath tubs.

    BUT, I get it, **everything** in Europe is perfect, America sucks hive mind…..bzzzzzzzzzzzz

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