TIL Despite being only 5% of the world population, United States Citizens comprise about 70% of psychology journal authors and test subjects.

Read more: https://docplayer.net/7735940-The-neglected-95-why-american-psychology-needs-to-become-less-american-jeffrey-j-arnett-clark-university.html

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  1. From 2008: “*In sum, the analysis shows that the United States predominates in many of the most prominent APA journals. From 2003 to 2007, 73% of first authors, 74% of other authors, and 68% of samples were American, and the results were consistent across journals*”

  2. Because people in most other countries are busy either trying to find enough food to survive the day, or spending a calm evening with their friends and family because their future of economic and healthcare security is guaranteed. Either way, they don’t need or don’t have time to focus on mental health care.

  3. Psychology is a pseudoscience. Gert Postel proved it to be a hoax. Why should we take a man (Sigmund Fraud) who believes in nonsense like the Oedipus complex and penis envy seriously?

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