TIL: Despite its notoriously poor weather, Ireland’s most common type of cancer is skin cancer, with almost 13,000 cases diagnosed each year (0.25% of the population)

Read more: https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/health/key-advice-issued-to-protect-against-skin-cancer-as-temperatures-set-to-hit-30c-41843873.html

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  1. Most people are shocked to learn that clouds do lessen the amount of UV making it to folks’ skin, but do not eliminate it. I wish that were hammered into people at a much earlier age…

    Also, the pervasiveness of “soul eating” gingers also helps bump up that number, as they’re at an increased risk of skin cancer, among a host of other fun things.

  2. Take #1: Ireland has more skin cancer cases than other countries in the British Isles.

    Take #2: Ireland has the same amount of skin cancer cases as other countries in the British Isles, but less other forms of cancer.

    The article doesn’t specify, leaving everyone even more confused than before.

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