TIL Doctors used to cure “hysteria” in women by performing assisted genital massage to induce ‘paroxysms’ – a polite term for orgasms. So much so that the doctors began to suffer from chronic hand cramps and fatigue.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20180531-how-womens-body-parts-have-been-named-after-men

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  1. This myth needs to die.

    “And though other physicians of the era did describe conducting pelvic and gynecological massages, these didn’t involve the clitoris or lead to orgasm.”

    “‘We could find no evidence that doctors ever used vibrators on the clitoris, either in Maines’ sources or in other primary and secondary sources.'”


  2. Give the woman an orgasm, you please her for a day. Teach a woman how to masturbate and … shit, she doesn’t need you anymore. So, don’t do that.

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