TIL dog years in human years are not calculated by multeplying by 7 in what dog age it is, Aging in dogs varies widely depending on the breed.

Read more: https://www.almanac.com/dog-age-chart-dog-years-human-years

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  1. Never really appreciated the hole “that’s X in dog years” equivalency.
    I understand that it’s a way for some of us humans to empathise/relate more to our beloved pets, but I’ve always found it borish and facile.

    But then again, I am a grump so it could just be that.

    I do enjoying this conversation I tend to have:
    “Yeah but that’s like 71 in dogs years”
    what’s that in mouse years?
    “What? I don’t know. What’s that got to do with it?”

  2. I get this conversation every time I’m walking with my macaw…

    “How old is she?”


    “What’s that in human years?”

    “well, she was hatched in 1985, so… 36?”

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