TIL during a preview of the Sistine Chapel paintings, one of the Pope’s men criticized all the “disgraceful” nudity. So Michaelangelo painted the critic’s likeness into the Last Judgement, wearing nothing but a snake that’s biting his dick.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biagio_da_Cesena

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  1. Bonus info:

    * [Here’s the bit-dick pic](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biagio_da_Cesena#/media/File:Michelangelo-minos2.jpg) (NSFW for Renaissance nudity)
    * the critic’s name was Biagio da Cesena; he was the Papal Master of Ceremonies. He said the painting was more suitable “for the public baths and taverns” than a papal chapel.
    * After the comment, Michaelangelo drew the guy’s face (from memory!) onto Minos, a judge of the underworld. i.e. an eternal critic in Hell…
    * He also gave Biagio some big ol’ donkey ears — an old meme for calling someone a jackass.
    * When Biagio complained to Pope Paul III (who apparently was down with the nudey bits), the pontiff responded that his jurisdiction did not extend to hell, so the portrait would have to remain 😎

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