TIL: During the Cold War, the Icelandic government imposed a ban on black US soldiers on its US base for the purposes of “protecting” Icelandic women and preserve a homogeneous “national body.”

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceland_in_the_Cold_War

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  1. Quite the opposite happened during Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery.

    >Some Native American men even asked York [William Clark’s slave] to sleep with their wives on the assumption “they would catch some of [his] power from such intercourse, transmitted to them through their wives,”

  2. Oh, you haven’t hear shit people were talking about black athletes during Moscow olimpics in 80’s.

    My favorite is black guys washing their dicks in public drinking machines. Moscow had hundreds of these machines and they had glasses you would use to drink (yes, very safe). The rumour during the olympics was that black US athletes wash their syphilis-infested monster dicks in these glasses at night.

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