TIL During the filming of the Sopranos, when James Gandolfini needed to make Tony Soprano angry, he’d put a stone in his shoe to irritate him, which would then be displayed in his acting scene.

Read more: https://edition.cnn.com/2013/06/20/showbiz/gandolfini-appreciation/index.html

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  1. Jim Gandolfini had a bunch of “acting tricks” like this he used throughout the series. My favorite and saddest Sopranos fact is that Jim gained the weight to play Tony and once he realized it gave a certain heft to the character he kept it. Watch as Tony gets bigger and bigger throughout the series run. It’s obviously sad because of how he died. RIP Boss.

  2. An actor can’t act angry? I call nonsense unless this is some incorrect application to method acting, which is also stupid imo.

    Edit: I didn’t see the title mentioned in that article. All it does is cover his big credits post mortem.

    We are talking about a Broadway actor here. He most definitely could rise to the acting occasion or he would have had hundreds of talented Broadway actors taking his roles. Plain and simple.

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