TIL during the Golden Age of Piracy, many pirates set up social safety net programs such as disability payments for injuries sustained while at sea, as well as life insurance to be paid to a pirate’s family if they died.

Read more: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1998-apr-26-mn-43149-story.html

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  1. I think we can probably find a more recent look into this topic, can’t we?

    The last thorough study of this can’t just be 2 authors from an LA times article written in 1998.

  2. Article says “sometimes” they were paid for injuries and deaths. I’m betting the common practice was if you were badly wounded or killed, you got tossed over the side and forgotten rather quickly.

  3. Lol. Ships sit off the LA coast and LA’s like, look, pirates took care of pirates…. 👀 see those ships over there? You could be the first pirates this year, and you could do it, and do it right

  4. Piracy was a rather noble profession in spite of their tyranny. Ships were ruled by election, they had laws, gambling was banned, drinking on shift was banned, all treasure was split after the captain and quartermaster had their 25% each, a raided ship was to be left in good enough position (and provisions left untouched) for it to return to the nearest port.

  5. the golden age of piracy was 1680-1725 and was supposedly ushered in when the french navy in the caribbean sank

    “Last month, Clifford and a crew that included Maxwell Kennedy, son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, uncovered what they say is an even bigger find: a fleet of up to 18 elaborate French warships and pirate vessels that went down the night of May 3, 1678, after hitting coral reefs off Venezuela’s coast.

    If confirmed, it would be only the second documented discovery of a pirate shipwreck in the world. Clifford expects it to yield a treasure trove of artifacts including swords, pistols, muskets, pottery, gold, medical supplies, navigational instruments and bronze cannons.

    The disaster near Venezuela decimated the French navy in the Caribbean Sea and helped usher in the “Golden Age” of pirating, Kinkor said. The famed era of maritime lawlessness lasted from 1680 to 1725; at its height, 10,000 pirates roamed the seas.”

  6. This article claims the whydah is the only discovered pirate shipwreck? And finding this new site would be the second? How is this possible when Blackbeard’s ship has been identified off of North Carolina where he scuttled it?

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