TIL during the rise of Japan as a major economic power, seen as an economic threat to the US, anti-Japanese sentiment was so high that a Chinese American was beaten to death before his wedding on the assumption that he was Japanese. In 1987, US congressmen smashed Toshiba products on Capitol Hill

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Japanese_sentiment_in_the_United_States#Japan_bashing

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  1. Many Japanese were shocked to see how they and their country were being perceived in the West, noting its inaccuracies and racial undertone. Most particularly, the Japanese were not particularly fond of the vague accusations, often without merit, that their industries and subsequent economic successes were based upon “stolen technology”.

  2. I recall old family members who fought in the Pacific during World War 2 were very resentful of Americans who purchased Japanese goods.

    The movie Gung Ho does a really good job showing the American resentment of Japan in the early 80s

  3. Anti Japanese sentiments go way back to Pearl Harbour. After the attack on Pearl Harbour, 110,000+ US Japanese were taken to internment camps, and virtually held prisoner. Of those 110,000, about 1200 died from conditions in the camps.

  4. The Japanese didn’t do themselves any favors with their reputation to Americans by attacking the US on our own soil. It takes a long time, generations, for shit like that to fade.

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