TIL During WW2, Dick Best led a dive bomber attack during the pivotal battle of Midway. The attack’s success was led by the fact they showed up late. Because of this the Japanese defense planes were engaged elsewhere leaving Best’s forces free to sink 3 Japanese carriers and turn the tide of the war

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Halsey_Best

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  1. He showed up at the location the Japanese carriers were about an hour a go. His squadron that started searching for the Japanese fleet. They spotted a lone Destroyer that was steaming back after sub hunting. They followed this destroyer to the main fleet and launched their attack.

    Because they showed up late and from an unexpected direction, the Japanese combat air patrol was already engaged in different zone massacring the torpedo bombers. As fate would have it, additional dive bombers appeared from the north at the same time. The timing, which could not have been scripted any better, led to the sinking of 3 of the Kidō Butai in quick succession.

    Best suck the flag ship, the Akagi, with a single bomb that landed in the hanger deck, igniting all toe planes, fuel, and bombs. The battle stunted the Japanese aggression and turned the tide after the defeat at Pearl Harbor.

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