TIL During WWII the US sent 400k vehicles, 14k planes, 13k tanks, 15M pairs of boots, 4.5M tons of food, and 2.7 M tons of petrol to the USSR to help defeat the Nazis

Read more: https://share.america.gov/america-sent-equipment-to-soviet-union-in-world-war-ii/

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  1. Don’t forget that the Russians had 26 MILLION casualty death during WW2, including 8.6 million soldiers. So Hitler was defeated with American gear and Russian blood.

  2. This story doesn’t get told enough. In Europe especially there is a belief among many that the US contribution to the war effort was minimal and that it joined the fighting very late, and that whatever weapons were given was done so through predatory, high interest loans. The simple matter is that there was an enormous industrial effort made to help fight the war in Europe, and in many cases the costs were taken up directly by Americans. If those weapons weren’t made available I have no doubt that the Germans would have been able to keep fighting for much longer than they did.

  3. And then we defeated the Nazis.

    Unconditional surrender followed up with an unprecedented war crimes tribunal, war reparations and the divvying up of their country.

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