TIL: EMDR (Eye-Movement-Desensitization-Reprocessing) discovered by Dr. Francine Shapiro as she walked in the park, in 1987, that eye movements appeared to decrease negative emotion. EMDR treats PTSD by reprocessing trauma. Success rates for treating Depression/PTSD: EMDR 95%, talk therapy 20/30%.

Read more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8043524/

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  1. I read “getting past your past” and it’s an interesting book and has some interesting ideas. Sadly, it has not caught on in the mainstream and I’ve not met any psychiatrist or psychologist who knows about this, or seem interested in it.

  2. Wow, kind of cool to see EMDR talked about. I stumbled upon a therapist years ago who uses it by complete chance and it was the first effective therapy I’ve ever found. Genuinely helped me change my life for the better.

  3. Thanks for posting about this; skimmed the linked article and am following up with some googling about EMDR. Interesting!

    I wonder if reading (bilateral side-to-side eye movement) has a mild palliative effect even without the prompting / direction by a present therapist?

    When I have intrusive thoughts due to PTSD, I find reading is one of the things that helps. I assumed it helped by distracting / redirecting my thoughts, but maybe it’s this as well?

    And of course, going for a walk and looking around (as Dr Shapiro was doing when she “discovered” this) also helps, and actually more than reading since there is the added benefit of walking.

  4. My sister did this to treat PTSD caused by getting hit by a car as a kid, which in turn had caused a driving phobia. It worked well enough for her to finally learn to drive.

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