TIL Every single British tank has a built in boiling vessel so the crew can have cheeky mid-battle tea breaks

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_vessel

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  1. > As a piece of kit the BV was beloved
    by soldiers. When the M1 Abrams
    MBT had just been introduced into
    service with the US Army in the early
    1980s a proud American “tanker”
    was explaining the many merits of this
    new AFV to a group of NATO soldiers.
    When he asked whether they had
    any questions a British junior NCO
    asked if the formidable armoured
    vehicle was equipped with a BV. “I’m
    sorry what is a BV?” came the reply.
    A rapid explanation of the merits of
    the BV followed and when the tanker
    explained that the M1 did not have a
    BV the NCO summed up his take on
    the AFV. ”The tank’s crap” he said and
    walked away.

    General Dynamics Land Systems BTFO

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