TIL Exposing the testicles to UV light will increase testosterone levels. The UV light exposure increases production in Leydig cells (the cells that produce testosterone) by an average of 200%.

Read more: https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19539973/i-put-a-giant-red-light-on-my-balls-to-triple-my-testosterone-levels/

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  1. So one portion of the article talks about uv light (high intensity ionizing radiation kind of light) then talks about “red light” (low energy non ionizing radiation) as if it was the same thing. All of this to say dont put a uv lamp on your balls.

  2. 2 weeks from now

    “a astounding increase in the number of men getting sunburns on their testicles. No one is yet sure why it’s risen so much, and those suffering from burned balls aren’t commenting on why so many have been sunbathing naked.”

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