TIL Fetal Alcohol Syndrome wasn’t discovered until the mid 1970s, and in 1988 the CDC concluded a fifth of women drank while pregnant.

Read more: https://www.spokesman.com/stories/1995/apr/07/fetal-alcohol-syndrome-births-increasing-but-is/

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  1. The pandemic rates of it in a number of remote aboriginal communities in Australia (along with other factors like child and domestic abuse at pandemic levels) led to the Australian government sending in the military to some of these places as a circuit breaker some time back. The move was wildly unpopular in sections of the community (mainly the left) and it was an extreme move, but what was going on (and is still going on) is insane. It is really hard to address because 95% of the mainstream media refuse to talk about the issues as they believe it reinforces negative stereotypes. As children get raped, women get beaten to death and children are born with FAS.

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