TIL Fidel Castro during his first 6 months as President of Cuba built 1000 KM of roads, spent $300 million on water and sanitation projects, constructed 800 houses every month, & set a cap for landholdings to 993 acres per owner.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fidel_Castro

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  1. The Cuban people are some of the poorest in the western world after 60 years of this political experiment.

    Given the choice, (and that’s what free enterprise is) the people would en mass choose capitalism

  2. I mean…sure he built some stuff. Even authoritarian leaders must do things for the people, on occasion. Otherwise, a new revolution will be inevitable. He also built a system of control and was responsible for imprisoning, torturing or simply murdering rivals, dissenters and anyone that didn’t want their property stolen by the government.

    But, sure, they built some stuff. Good for them.

  3. Seriously murdered over ten thousand and responsible for nearly 80,000 others who died fleeing his regime but man those roads are great



    Praising brutal dictators??? Get a new hobby. I’m sure hitler fixed some roads too… doesn’t mean you have to sniff his jock.

    Spend some time listening to the people who fled
    You will learn what ur college professors probably don’t tell you

  4. Everyone in this thread that wants to know the truth of the matter just needs to drive down to Miami and spend 10 minutes talking to Cuban expats to realize every pro Castro idiot in this thread is completely wrong and a douche.

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