TIL For millennia, Europeans did not know where birds went in Winter time. The mystery was partly solved in 1822, when a German hunter shot down a stork. The stork had a 80cm long Central African spear impaled in its neck. This provided the first evidence that they migrated to Africa.

Read more: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/76208/how-stork-solved-scientific-mystery

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  1. They knew that a spear was of Central African origin, but didn’t know anyone who, for example, had travelled from Africa to Europe and seen the same kind of birds?

  2. I mean, they all fly south. Did this have something to do with the average European not knowing what was south of the mediterranean? It doesn’t take a genius to watch all the birds flying in one direction and think, well they’re going down there. What’s down there? Oh yeah, the second largest continent.

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