TIL For production of ‘The Bellboy ‘ (1960) Jerry Lewis was actor and director, so he invented a system of multiple cameras and monitors enabling him to act, review the performance, and reshoot immediately. Lewis received the Golden Light Technical Achievement award for the invention.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Lewis

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  1. >During the 1960 production of The Bellboy, Lewis pioneered the technique of using video cameras and multiple closed circuit monitors,[55] which allowed him to review his performance instantly. This was necessary since he was acting as well as directing. His techniques and methods of filmmaking, documented in his book and his USC class, enabled him to complete most of his films on time and under budget since reshoots could take place immediately instead of waiting for the dailies.

    >Man in Motion,[56] a featurette for Three on a Couch, features the video system, named “Jerry’s Noisy Toy”[57] and shows Lewis receiving the Golden Light Technical Achievement award for its development. Lewis stated he worked with the head of Sony to produce the prototype. While he initiated its practice and use, and was instrumental in its development, he did not hold a patent.[58][59] This practice is now commonplace in filmmaking.

    Also possibly of interest,

    >Starting in 1967, Lewis taught a film directing class at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles for a number of years. His students included George Lucas, whose friend Steven Spielberg sometimes sat in on classes.[60] Lewis screened Spielberg’s early film Amblin’ and told his students, “That’s what filmmaking is all about.”[61] The class covered all topics related to filmmaking, including pre and post production, marketing and distribution and filming comedy with rhythm and timing.[62]

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