TIL former President Harry S. Truman started his mornings with a 5 a.m. shot of Old Grand-Dad bourbon that — in Truman’s words — ‘got the engine running.’ He accompanied his morning whiskey fix with toast, eggs, bacon, and milk.

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  1. After moving into the White House (the story goes) the butler asked Truman if there was anything special he could make. Truman said he and Bess liked an Old Fashioned (a bourbon cocktail with sugar and bitters) as their nightcap. The butler was more than willing to oblige. However his drinks were too sweet for their palate. In frustration, one evening, he served them both a straight slug of bourbon over the rocks. Truman’s response was, “Now that’s an Old Fashioned!”

  2. My grandad has a shot of whiskey in his first cup of the tea everyday

    and then he doesn’t touch a single drop of beer, whiskey or anything at all.

    just that first cup of tea.. tastes nasty as well

  3. There is a damn good chance that Truman built the tool shed on my property. When we were tearing it down we found several empty bottles of Old Grand-Dad stashed in between the wall studs.

  4. Old Grand Dad was the bourbon preferred by Samuel Clement.

    The Elkhorn creek runs behind the distillery, it is a great place to canoe.

    There is a small dam behind the distillery, so everyone will go to shore and walk their canoe down the banks and put in down steam.

    After certain heavy rains, you can get some very cool class II and class III rapids.

    It is a great bourbon, I keep it at the house, 2 fingers served neat.

    If you get the chance, try it. It is surprising to the bourbon snobs due to the unexpected quality.

    And if you get the chance with a canoe, the Elkhorn in March – April – May, is a very beautiful and fun trip to take.

    Stay safe.

  5. Another HST, Hunter S. Thompson started his day with

    * 4 bloody Mary’s

    * 2 grapefruit

    * a pot of coffee

    * crepes rangoon

    * 1/2 lb sausage/bacon/corned beef hash

    * a Spanish omelette

    * a quart of milk

    * a slice of pie

    * 2 margaritas

    * 6 lines of cocaine

  6. As Truman famously declared to Justice Black after being invited over to the latter’s house following the Youngstown Steel Case, “Hugo, I don’t much care for your law, but, by golly, this bourbon is good!”

  7. Great grandma did a pinch of snuff and a shot of whiskey every day and lived to be a spry 110. Ironically I believe the family lord is that her final words were “I’m tired I think I’m gonna go”

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