TIL former US President Rutherford B. Hayes is honored as a national hero in Paraguay and even has a soccer team named after him, the “Club Presidente Hayes”. His presidency is mostly forgotten in the United States and he ranks among the most obscure historical figures in his home country.

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  1. There is actually a province and its capital I think which are named for him there too. The funny thing is the arbitration he supposedly did was probably not that big a deal to him, so there’s no proof he actually made the decision. It may have been passed off on some unknown underling who should be the real hero to the country.

  2. He’s the only president, besides Washington, who has a state (rather ‘department’) named after him. Presidente Hayes Department is a political subdivision, roughly a state or province, in Paraguay.

  3. “In church it occurred to me that it is time for the public to hear that the giant evil and danger in this country, the danger which transcends all others, is the vast wealth owned or controlled by a few persons. Money is power. In Congress, in state legislatures, in city councils, in the courts, in the political conventions, in the press, in the pulpit, in the circles of the educated and the talented, its influence is growing greater and greater. Excessive wealth in the hands of the few means extreme poverty, ignorance, vice, and wretchedness as the lot of the many. It is not yet time to debate about the remedy. The previous question is as to the danger—the evil. Let the people be fully informed and convinced as to the evil. Let them earnestly seek the remedy and it will be found. Fully to know the evil is the first step towards reaching its eradication. Henry George is strong when he portrays the rottenness of the present system. We are, to say the least, not yet ready for his remedy. We may reach and remove the difficulty by changes in the laws regulating corporations, descents of property, wills, trusts, taxation, and a host of other important interests, not omitting lands and other property”

  4. We forget about pretty much every President except the ones that existed in our lifetimes, we know some random trivia about.

    Who was President during WW1? I have no clue.

    Who was the President responsible for income tax? Lincoln.

    Who was the pro gun President who got shot and decided that we needed gun control? Reagan.

    Who was President when I joined the service and I voted for because I was infected with a virus that caused you to make dumb decisions? Bush.

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