TIL France and Britain fought against each other during WW2. After France’s defeat to Germany in 1940, the British attacked the French Navy in Algeria to prevent the fleet falling into German hands. 1,300 French service-men were killed by the British. The French retaliated by bombing Gibraltar.

Read more: https://www.historynet.com/operation-catapult-naval-destruction-at-mers-el-kebir.htm

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  1. Churchill said it was the worst day of his life, and that it was the hardest decision he ever made. American president Roosevelt said he would have done the same.
    Howwever, Churchill never regretted the decision, he believed it was the right thing to do; it showed Hitler he was not, nor would he ever be, interested in peace with Nazi Germany. A position Hitler had hoped Britain would assume after they defeated France, Belgium and Netherlands. Churchill also believed it was an important step in bringing America into the great war.

  2. The French should of done the noble thing and sank their own boats. Or dressed up a bunch of bears in French uniforms and fill the boats with them and then tell the Germans than Britain had the power to turn people into bears.

    Maybe drop a bunch of dead bears wearing German uniforms around various countries idk. I guess the bear could be alive when you dropped them out of the plane but idk. Seems harder.

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