TIL Freenet, the first darknet and the network often cited as the beginning of the “dark web”, was originally a thesis project by Edinburgh University student Ian Clarke. It received a B.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2009/nov/26/dark-side-internet-freenet

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  1. > “It seemed so obvious that that was what the net was supposed to be about – freedom to communicate,” Clarke says now. “But [back then] in the late 90s that simply wasn’t the case. The internet could be monitored more quickly, more comprehensively, more cheaply than more old-fashioned communications systems like the mail.” His pioneering software was intended to change that.

    > His tutors were not bowled over. “I would say the response was a bit lukewarm. They gave me a B. They thought the project was a bit wacky … they said, ‘You didn’t cite enough prior work.'”

  2. Can’t give University profs much credit.
    (1) They don’t keep up with what’s going on
    (2) Teaching assistants doing the majority of marking

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