TIL French King Charles VI suffered from glass delusion which is a delusion in which people believe themselves to be made of glass and thus liable to shatter. He was reported to have wrapped himself in blankets to prevent his buttocks from breaking and had iron rods put into his clothing.

Read more: https://www.history.co.uk/articles/glass-act-the-delusion-that-made-charles-vi-think-he-was-made-of-glass

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  1. Also from the same source:

    On a hot August day in 1392 the young French king, Charles VI (1368-1422), was marching through a forest near Le Mans, northwest France, with a company of knights and retainers, on a mission to Brittany.

    Champing at the bit to reach the enemy, the 23-year-old monarch’s manic energy reached such a heightened state that when a page boy dropped a lance, the loud clang threw the Gallic ruler into an uncontrollable frenzy.

    Blindly swishing and swashing his sword around, he managed to kill five of his own knights before being pulled from his horse and restrained.

  2. The French people made his delusion worse by only bringing him out on special occasions as opposed to casual get together a and outdoor events, where they brought out single use kings.

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