TIL gorillas usually weigh between 300-500 pounds (136-227 kg), with the heaviest gorilla ever recorded massing 589 pounds (267 kg), and the most overweight captive gorilla only ever reached 683 pounds (310 kg). There is no such thing as an “800 pound gorilla,” it never existed.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorilla#:~:text=The%20heaviest%20gorilla%20recorded%20was,310%20kg%20(683%20lb).

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  1. So they only know the ones they’ve weighed and gorillas have been around about 7 million years, but sure they claim there has never ever been an 800 pound gorilla in the short time they’ve been weighing them.

  2. Uh… that’s the point of picking the 800 lb. figure… because it’s significantly larger than any gorilla any person has ever seen. Like, it’s obvious in the phrasing of the idiom; it’s not just that it’s a big gorilla, it’s that it’s a third larger than an already large gorilla.

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