TIL Hakeem Olajuwon won NBA Player of The Month in February 1995 while fasting for the entire month, as Ramadan that year went from Jan 31st to March 1st, and Hakeem, being a religious Muslim, refused to miss a single day of it.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hakeem_Olajuwon

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  1. He got drafted in front of Jordan and nobody ever says it was a mistake.

    One of the more underrated athletes of our time… Which is crazy because everyone already agrees he was extremely good.

  2. Or to put it another way

    Man allows his religious beliefs to nearly tank his career and physical health because of rules to get into a cosmic McDonald’s PlayPlace.

  3. Here in England, a fair number of top footballers are practicing Muslims. There’s been a lot of discussion about how coaches and officials adapt to Ramadan, moving training sessions, adding small breaks for players to break their fast after sundown etc.

    Heck, my team (Liverpool) use non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice for celebrations so that our Muslim and teetotal players can partake in “spray champagne everywhere because we won”

    I’ve got nothing but respect for folks who can stay on their game while fasting. Personally, I’m a useless miserable prick if I miss breakfast and/or don’t get a cup of tea once an hour

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