TIL Han Min-hong, a South Korean professor, built and successfully tested a self-driving car in 1993. The car traveled 185 miles from Seol to Busan through one of South Korea’s most heavily-traveled expressways. Despite the amazing results, the government scrapped funding for his research.

Read more: https://techwireasia.com/2021/04/this-self-driving-car-drove-safely-all-over-south-korea-in-1993/

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  1. There was a time that I thought for sure, a fully automated personal transportation system was right around the corner. Now, I think that is probably not going to happen. Too many logistical and societal issues to overcome. I think more likely we will have a semi-automated fleet, where highway travel is all automated, but people still have some control of cars, especially on local streets, where obstacles can be less predictable and in bad weather. It will take a while though, because one of the things needed for a seamless transition is the ability for the cars to communicate with each other. It’s possible right now, but will take years for there to be enough cars for it to work.

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