TIL having at least one child decreases your suicide risk by 64%. Mothers with 3 children or more have a 93% decreased risk.

Read more: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33011972/

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  1. Can attest to this. I’ve considered it many times and never attempted because I know that my suicide would increase their risk of suicide greatly. I have 3 (adult) children.

  2. A close contact of mine is only staying alive due to their child. This is heartbreaking for me and also gives me hope it might buy enough time to help them through.

  3. Sounds right. I’ve dealt with depression for a while and it started to seem like an option. After I had kids it was completely off the table. I just can’t do that to them

  4. On the reverse, the only reason I haven’t killed myself is because it would destroy my mother. But once she’s gone I have no one and I can finally blow my brains out without hurting anyone.

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