TIL Hippos will aggressively spray poop at the mere sound of strange hippos voice

Read more: https://www.scimex.org/newsfeed/hi-po!-hippos-can-recognise-their-neighbours-voices,-and-tornado-poo-to-respond

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  1. my word, go to a hippo enclosure if your local zoo has captured one. Shit everywhere. They spray shit to socialise and project dominance. It’s a messy hippo world

  2. This is second poop related thread today, after learning so much about poops what should I do now.
    “researchers recorded the hippo ‘songs’ from one group and played them back to another. Those hippos would respond either vocally, or by spraying dung about the place; a means of marking their territory. The team say the danger-water-cows were more likely to chat back to their friends, and poo tornado in response to strangers.”

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