TIL in 1938, Charles A. Lindbergh received the Service Cross of the German Eagle, presented to him by Hermann Goering on behalf of Adolf Hitler. The medal was partially for his feats of flying but also for being an ardent proponent of Nazi Germany’s military superiority and American isolationism.

Read more: https://www.riverfronttimes.com/artsblog/2012/01/17/last-chance-to-see-charles-lindberghs-nazi-medal

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  1. Grade-A asshole he was. I don’t believe there’s any evidence for it, but I’ve always been intrigued with the notion that he had his own child abducted and killed.

  2. Lots of yanks sympathized with Nazi Germany. Coca-Cola created Fanta just so they could still sell to Germany without looking unpatriotic. That’s why Fanta is so popular today in Germany.

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