TIL In 1946, the US enrolled around 1500 Guatemalans in studies related to the testing and treatment of STIs including syphilis, and gonorrhea without their consent. They were intentionally infected by smearing the bacteria on open cuts and sores or inserting it in the eyes, rectum, or urethra.

Read more: https://origins.osu.edu/milestones/june-2016-guatemala-inoculation-experiments?language_content_entity=en

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  1. Fun fact, even though there’s a pretty big number of these horrific medical experiments in the US, nobody was imprisoned, ever, over any of these unethical experiments, and in many cases nobody was punished in any way whatsoever.

    In this case, the US government ruled that they have no liability for actions committed outside the United States and there has been no compensation.

    All that happened was a Presidential Commission that basically said “Yeah that was pretty bad” and then did nothing.

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