TIL In 1969, amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst secretly abandoned the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race while reporting false positions to appear to complete a circumnavigation without actually doing so. His boat was found unoccupied; it was presumed that he committed suicide or fell overboard.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Crowhurst

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  1. Read this in a book the other day (Scams! by Andreas Schroeder if you want to read it for yourself), it’s pretty interesting. Golden Globe race was a race around the world with a pretty big prize (€100k I think?) and a lot of veteran sailors entered alongside him. He built his boat very quickly in the months leading up to the race and pretty quickly realized that his boat wouldn’t be able to get through some of the harsher waters, so he just circled around and listened to the radio to hear about what the weather was like in whatever part of the world he was supposed to be in so he could record it in his logbook. His plan was to come in second so his logbook wouldn’t be checked too closely and people wouldn’t spot the discrepancies, but everyone in the race quit (mostly due to technical difficulties I think) and I believe he left a note on board explaining what happened and stepped off the boat where it was found floating in the ocean by a passing ship.

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