TIL In 1969, an American destroyer named USS Frank E. Evans collided with an Australian aircraft carrier in the South China Sea at 3:00am because the commanding officer was asleep and left two inexperienced lieutenants in charge. The ship turned the wrong way, collided, & sank, killing 74 people

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Frank_E._Evans#Collision_with_HMAS_Melbourne

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  1. What do they expect a ship to do when they name it a destroyer? Like my grandpa use to say “when you’re a hammer everything looks like an Australian aircraft carrier”

  2. There’s quite a large amount of maritime disasters.

    This one is especially weird because there really shouldn’t be anything in the world that would be regarded as a “inexperienced Lieutenant”… That’s nearly an oxymoron, lieutenant is a VERY senior role aboard a military vessel.

    What basically happened was that an incorrect heading was taken. Evans thought that Melbourne was going at 106° when it was heading at 206°, a very honest mistake… But one you cannot make in these shipping lanes.

  3. The Australian Aircraft Carrier was the HMAS Melbourne (R21) which was operating from 1955 – 1982. Unfortunately, it had two collisions of this type the other being with HMAS Voyager killing 82 on the evening of 10 February 1964.

  4. 2017 USS John McCain hit a tanker. Conning Crew unfamiliarity with ship’s interfaces was the finding. They generally blame the crews training . But, still skip required training claiming operations temporarily. They either try to catch up in port or using ‘over the shoulder’ shadow training.

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