TIL In 2003, the Jacksonville Jaguars kept a tree stump and axe in the locker room as an inspirational prop for the team to “keep chopping wood.” Several players did literally chop at the stump, until punter Chris Hanson tried and accidentally put the axe into his own leg

Read more: https://www.espn.com/blog/jacksonville-jaguars/post/_/id/27399/jaguars-infamous-ax-didnt-keep-chopping-but-its-still-around

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  1. Not his kicking foot, thankfully, although I guess you need both. In any case he missed the rest of the season but played for five more years.

  2. Chopping yourself with an axe has to be a pretty common injury. I know a handful of people over the years who got pretty serious wounds hacking their foot/leg while trying to chop wood.

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