TIL in 2005 pro golfer John Daly sued a Florida newspaper for saying he failed “the scoundrel sniff test”. The case was thrown out because Daly couldn’t disprove any of the statements made in the article.

Read more: https://www.espn.com/golf/news/story?id=4010362

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  1. > Freeman’s column said: “How does Daly not fail the scoundrel sniff test with fans despite possessing definite Thug Life qualifications. Look at the Daly blog. Domestic violence accusations? Yup. Substance abuse issues? Unfortunately, three different kids from three different moms, making him the Shawn Kemp of golf? Yes. A former wife indicted for laundering illegal drug profits? Roger that.”

    > Carithers wrote in his opinion that the alleged defamatory statements were opinions based upon disclosed facts.

    > “The only possible basis for a defamation action would be if Daly proved that one of the four underlying facts was false, but there is no genuine dispute with respect to any of the underlying facts,” Carithers wrote.

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