TIL in 2017, a Pittsburgh restaurant hosted an event with French-Canadian chefs serving horse tartare. The event sparked public outrage, USDA investigation, and a petition to ban horse meat in Pennsylvania. Horse meat is a delicacy and staple throughout much of French-Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_meat#Taboos

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  1. As an American, it’s pretty wild to learn how many non-English speaking countries have zero problems eating horse meat. It’s a taboo that seems so heavily ingrained in our culture, I’ve never second guessed it.

  2. Speaking as an American, I’ve always found it interesting what animals we deem unacceptable or taboo to eat. Growing up overseas, I’ve always been open to trying different things that I normally wouldn’t have eaten. I think I would still try horse if given the chance

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