TIL In 2018 a Purdue University study claimed $75,000 USD is the amount necessary for emotional well-being and anything over $105,000 actually decreases overall happiness.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/26/how-your-salary-and-the-way-you-spend-money-affect-your-happiness.html

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  1. I made 70k last year and can’t afford a house where I live without two incomes. Financially speaking, 2018 was a long time ago. Things have changed and 75k ain’t shit.

  2. About $75K per person. Okay, that’s fair. I’m married, with two adult children that live with me. So, we’d be “happy” with a family income of $300K? and over that, we begin losing happiness? That might be fair.

    As it is, “we” make less than that. I make more, but me and my wife together don’t make more, and when you add in my kids, we’re at much less. Can I really be happy if my kids are in poverty? Nope. So, I need a LOT more pay, to be at peak happiness. Or, actually, my wife and kids need to be paid a LOT more, while I’m good.

  3. The people at the 4 million dollar house I was helping build at are the nicest people I know for the last five years. The people down the street on either side have 3 and 5 million dollar houses, and their both dick holes.

    Money has nothing to do with it. Upbringing and attitude has a lot to do with it.

  4. This must be on the assumption that the individual somehow managed to find a decent place to live completely for free. Because otherwise that isn’t enough to afford housing and decent housing is a pretty big qualifier for my happiness

  5. Who decided on the metrics and standards that gauge the parameters of “emotional well being”? Personally I am skeptical of an institution of higher learning that has as its mascot a Boilmaker.

  6. This greatly depends on where you live. 75K in some places like NYC or parts of Cali is not a good wage. 75K in low income areas you may as well be a millionaire.

  7. “I have an uncomfortable [number] of friends who make $12 million a year and are unhappy,” (Vaynerchuk) says.
    It would be my honor to help his friends increase their happiness by accepting donations of their unwanted cash….

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