TIL In a blind tasting test, beer drinkers couldn’t tell whether a beer was from a can or a bottle.

Read more: https://www.alcoholprofessor.com/blog-posts/blog/2017/09/05/does-beer-taste-better-from-a-bottle-or-a-can

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  1. Can technology has improved a lot since I was drinking Coors original back in the ’70s. There was a definite metallic aftertaste that has been eliminated with lined cans. Cans are a better way to go now because no light gets to the beer, no need for brown or green bottles any longer.

  2. I think it really depends on what happened with the beer from point a to when you drink it. The more light the bottle was exposed to the more it could potentially alter the taste that is why most beers use dark brown bottles

  3. I just can’t believe that people couldn’t tell if it was a can or a bottle they were holding before putting to their lips and drinking from.

    Kids these days. I think it’s those pesky iPhones.

  4. But… none of the taste test participants ACTUALLY drank from a bottle or can. They all drank from cups (even the control group).

    I personally prefer beer in a can, because it tends to get colder and stay colder. I’m fairly certain that any benefits of can or bottle would be undone by pouring the beer into a cup and waiting longer than 20 seconds.


  5. Can this be said for Heineken? I remember when I was passing through Quebec I picked up 96 little cans that were shaped like kegs and they were the skunkiest beer I’ve ever had, I had an entire summer to drink them but I would actually go out and buy beer so that I could drink them after I didn’t care what it tasted like

  6. Anyone old enough to remember the old tin cans? Now that was a can taste. Also the tabs were completely different. The little ring with the tab attached came completely off. It didn’t stay on the can like they do now, and if it did, just the little ring cam off. Leaving you with a useless full can of beer.

  7. There’s gotta be a difference though if it’s draft in a glass since your nose would be in the glass and you’d smell it before it gets in your mouth. Right?

  8. Beer is pretty much the same when poured into a glass properly but I personally prefer the cold glass bottle feel on my lips and going down my throat but that bottle has to be just above freezing. Otherwise I prefer cans.

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