TIL in France it is illegal to disinherit one’s children, meaning that a particular share of the deceased’s estate is legally required to be kept for their children, or for their spouse if they had no children

Read more: https://www.lawyersfrance.eu/inheritance-in-france

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  1. In Canada you can disinherit but unless your will provides a legitimate reason (addiction, criminal acts, civil torte, or something else concrete) the disinherited person can appeal in court… and very likely will win a share of the estate.

  2. Same is true for Germany. There *are* exceptions, however: if the children commited a criminal offence (particularly ones against the parent), they *can* be denied their legal minimum share of the inheritance.

  3. Simple solution. If you want to disinherit your kids, mortgage your home to the hilt, buy your cars and everything else of lasting value with borrowed money, blow every cent of your savings and die deeply in debt.

  4. My thing is, how many people out there are homeless, have no car, or money, but still have kids. Are they suppose to give their kids their shopping cart full of junk or what?

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