TIL In Phoenix, 1976, the Mafia (allegedly) car bombed a reporter for the Arizona Republic newspaper

Read more: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/don-bolles/2021/06/17/don-bolles-way-street-sign-honor-slain-arizona-republic-reporter-clarendon/7709994002/

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  1. The reporter had previously nudged the mafioso into a cactus accidentally when he was overly aggressive trying to get a quote from him outside of a courthouse. Hell hath no fury like a made man thorned.

    I congratulate anyone who stuck it out until the end there.

  2. (Paywall warning for anyone who has already used up their allotted amount of free articles for the month.)

    Apparently Mr. Bolles had been reporting on shady land deals. From listening to true crime podcasts in the last few years, obviously making me an expert, I learned that Phoenix & Tucson were mafia “outposts” due to the lack of legislation over land buying, enabling real estate to be a nice way to launder cash. This explains (to me, at least) the large amount of awesome/authentic Italian restaurants there when I was growing up, lol

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