TIL: In the 1800’s James F O’Connell was marooned on Pohnpei Island where he was coerced into getting tattooed head to toe by the locals. When he was eventually rescued, he joined PT Barnum’s Circus as “The Tattooed Irishman” and became the world’s first tattooed showman

Read more: https://publicdomainreview.org/collection/the-life-and-adventures-of-james-f-o-connell-the-tattooed-man-1845

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  1. Hello! We run an Irish History podcast and did an episode recently covering James F. O’Connell’s life. Born in Dublin, he was stranded at sea and tattooed by pacific islanders before escaping and joining the travelling circus in America. In the same episode we covered a bit of Irish-American Samuel O’Reilly’s life too, how he invented the electric tattoo gun in 1891 and became a renowned tattoo artists in New York.If you want to listen to the whole story you can find it through the links below or wherever you listen to your podcasts:

    [Our Website](https://shitetalkhistory.libsyn.com/tattoos-how-the-irish-basically-invented-body-art)




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