TIL In the early 1940’s Japan played an active role in supporting the Black Muslim movement and the Nation of Islam.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satokata_Takahashi

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  1. Hi, so

    Just popping in to clarify for some people who may not know:

    Islam is a religion that believes, in the Abrahamic tradition of Judaism and Christianity, that God/Allah sent a revelation to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel, revealed to humanity through a series of sermons which were collected and compiled into the Qur’an, meant to be the guidance for humanity until the Day of Resurrection.

    *Nation of Islam* teaches that trillions (with a T) of years ago the world was a super technologically advanced black society until a mad scientist with a giant head invented white people to be lying murdering devils who would use “tricknology” to conquer the world, usurping it from the superior and divine black race, and generally making a mess of things.

  2. If they supported the Nation of Islam, it was in an effort to fuck over the USA.

    It’s a black supremacist group that’s on par with the KKK on how it completely fucks over its supposed central texts.

  3. Midn1900’s America operated like a Fascist dictatorship at times. It explains why they propped up all the dictatorships in Latin America soon after. Fear is powerful.

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