TIL in the originally filmed ending of “I Am Legend,” Will Smith realizes he is the “monster” and the zombies have only been protecting themselves from him. The studio insisted on a replacement “happy ending”, which implies the discovery of a “cure” and nothing of the zombies’ humanity.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Legend_(film)?ending

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  1. That’s the original ending in the book and they should have kept it that way. It’s the entire reason the book is called “I am legend” because he realizes he is the monster, the legend.

  2. If you have only just found this out wait until you read the original novel – this is one of the central themes: At what point does one side become the bad guys? Who is the monster?

  3. When I heard of the alternate ending to the movie, I was massively disappointed. I like the movie because it’s will smith and I felt the drama was appropriate.

    However, the ending always felt like hokey bullshit to me. I remember being disappointed even when I first saw the movie and never knew of the book.

    Honestly, even with the plot problems, the alternate ending would justify the monsters trying to hunt him throughout the movie. He has the female vampire throughout the whole film, so they’re just trying to get her back

  4. Vincent Ray did it better. Also the butterflys through out the Will Smith version are metaphorical for the metamorphosis of humanity…. * flaps away *

  5. Here’s a funfact; The doll does actually move, because they made an actor actually move in the distance, simply to mess with us. I love it, and I notice it whenever I watch it now

  6. Eh, better than the Charlton Heston version where sorta get the ending *half* right, while simultaneously completely missing the point of said ending. His girlfriend gets infected and immediately decides apropos of nothing that he’s evil and murders him, which makes it seem like the albinos’* hatred of humanity was just a symptom of their mutation.

    I enjoyed both films, but neither gets the point of the story (oh, that reminds me. I still haven’t seen the Vincent Price version. I should add that to the rotation for my October horror binge).


    ^(* The vampires were albino religious fanatics in this version for some reason.)

  7. American here, i say we need to start giving the studios the middle finger. We don’t always have to have a happy ending. The grudge is a perfect example of them screwing up a perfectly great story by giving it a happy ending twist. There are probably a ton more but thats the first one that comes to mind. Don’t know why they think we need to have every movie have a happy ending.

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