TIL in the Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), When a corpse was revealed under the dining table, none of the actors actually knew that it was there –so the shock on their faces was absolutely genuine. Tim Curry had known beforehand because he was the one who had to whip the tablecloth off.

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  1. I’ve never seen it

    My friends kept saying you’ve got to see this we’re all going you got to see it
    Oddly enough I was young but made money but all my friends said hey nobody pays for this we all just come in every week and check it out

    So we went in and I was with a girl later to be my girlfriend, her and I walked in at the end of the group

    One of the people working there promptly grabbed me and the girl and said hey you guys snuck in get out of here you didn’t pay

    Pretty embarrassing considering 100 other people didn’t pay but….

    We had driven with our friends and this was back when you used to be able to ride in the back of an El Camino which we did

    It was too far to walk home, so we had to hang out for a couple hours as I knew my friends wouldn’t leave early

    So the girl and I sat in the back of the El Camino on a busy Street and proceeded to go at it, with gusto I might add

    Still wondering how many folks drove by and saw my ass cheeks. I was young didn’t care good times

    And that’s why I haven’t seen Rocky horror picture show

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