TIL: In the U.S., it’s illegal to mandate anyone to exchange something of value for a chance to win a prize in a giveaway or sweepstakes.

Read more: https://trustspot.io/blog/no-purchase-necessary/#:~:text=What%20%E2%80%9CNo%20Purchase%20Necessary%E2%80%9D%20Means,in%20a%20giveaway%20or%20sweepstakes.

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  1. They can still make it easier to participate if you buy something, e.g. a cereal company might put the entry form on or in the cereal box. Somewhere on the package there will be instructions on how to enter without buying anything. The instructions are often super-specific and easy to screw up (which means your entry is disqualified). Usually it’s something like “Write the words ‘Super Sugar Crunch Sweepstakes #521’ on one line in block letters on a 3×5-inch card with your complete name and address and put that in another envelope and mail it to (wherever).”

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