TIL Indiana once tried to define pi as 3.2 (Pi Bill), and the bill almost passed.

Read more: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/30214/new-math-time-indiana-tried-change-pi-32

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  1. I read somewhere that 40 digits of Pi would have sufficient accuracy to calculate the area of a circle of the size of the observable universe with margin of error no larger than a hydrogen atom.

  2. Whenever I come across one of those ‘states with the least educated people’, Indiana is always front and center. Rounding 3.141 up sums it right up.

    Plus, they elected Mike Pence governor and that guy’s demonstrably stupid

  3. I saw this and thought “this must have been like a million years ago before people had rulers, or numbers, or fingers, or something.

    I was disappointed to learn that it was barely 100 years ago. More than 3000 years after much more accurate estimations of pi existed.

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