TIL it is strictly prohibited under international law for a country to revoke someone’s citizenship and leave them stateless—no matter what crime they committed. Unless they hold dual citizenship, then the country can ‘toss the ball’ somewhere else.

Read more: https://eachother.org.uk/shamima-begum-does-it-matter-that-she-was-a-child-when-she-fled-the-uk-for-syria/

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  1. Maybe, but international law is mostly meaningless, being largely unenforcable. A country can do what it wants, and unless others are prepared to go to the lengths of imposing sanctions (or even war), which they won’t do lightly, the law counts for nothing.

    Somehow, I don’t see the UN, or any country, doing much to the UK if it revokes her citizenship.

  2. jeez she went there as a dumb 15 year old. just let her back in with her kid adn tell not to make an arse of herself again.
    I mean we let traitors like Farrage live here why not…

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