TIL it’s illegal to let your donkey sleep in your bathtub in Arizona. In 1924, a merchant near the town of Kingman let his donkey sleep in an old bathtub when a local dam broke. The donkey was swept away in the tub and the locals spent a lot of manpower rescuing the animal. The donkey survived.

Read more: http://www.phoenixarizonacriminallawyer.com/criminal-attorney/arizona-criminal-law/the-stories-behind-arizonas-weirdest-laws/

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  1. Every once in a while you’ll see a story about a lamb or deer getting the full Rescue 911 treatment. And sometimes people will complain about taxpayer dollars. But for me, I see it as invaluable real-world experience where training cannot be a substitute. In this instance with the donkey, I only hope that no one died because off all the effort spent rescuing the donkey.

  2. Government infrastructure fails, private property is lost and or destroyed resulting in extra costs to recover said property.

    Government: we need to reduce individual liberties to prevent this from happening again.

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