TIL John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) is an unofficial sequel to Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (1974) after Clark told Carpenter his idea for a sequel was the killer to escape from a mental institution on Halloween

Read more: https://bloody-disgusting.com/editorials/3413469/halloween-basically-unofficial-black-christmas-sequel/

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  1. https://bloody-disgusting.com/editorials/3413469/halloween-basically-unofficial-black-christmas-sequel/

    >I never intended to do a sequel [to Black Christmas]. I did a film about three years later… started a film with John Carpenter. It was his first film for Warner Bros. He asked me if I was ever going to do a sequel and I said no. I was through with horror; I didn’t come into the business to do just horror. He said, ‘Well what would you do if you did do a sequel?’ I said it would be the next year and the guy would have actually been caught, escape from a mental institution, go back to the house, and they would start all over again. And I would call it Halloween.

    – Bob Clark

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