TIL John Eastman was a law clerk for Clarence Thomas

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Eastman

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  1. Since Clarence Thomas has fucked up everything else, I wonder what would happen if someone like Eastman, (with his racist conspiracy allegations against Kamala Harris), said to him, “OK! Now, how about you getting interracial marriages outlawed next?!” oops.

  2. He had his opinion. There is some history of electors being challenged. Maxine Waters challenged Alabama in an earlier election. In modern history anyone that won Ohio & Florida, which Trump did, won the election (as well as 56 of 57 bellwether counties). We’ve never seen vote count in multiple states stop counting for hours in the middle of the night & Biden surged ahead at that time. Pence didn’t follow his advice. Don’t you think Gore used every tactic available to him? Nothing nefarious here. We don’t want a nation where people can’t “spitball” this kind of thing

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